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Here you can see how many clicks each Classified Ad has received.

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1.Old School GoGo717
2.GoGo Poster Tees693
4.Ucono Travel609
5.Old School Juke600
7.Mystery Ad583
9.Mystery Ad566
10.YouTube - Old School GoGo!551
11.Mystery Ad545
12.Mystery Ad533
13.Mystery Ad517
14.Back To School Boogie464
15.Mystery Ad446
16.Mystery Ad439
17.Mystery Ad438
18.Mystery Ad435
19.Mystery Ad426
20.GoGo Poster Tees421
22.Mystery Ad404
23.Mystery Ad396
24.Mystery Ad396
25.Mystery Ad394
26.YouTube - Old School GoGo!385
27.GoGo Poster Tees378
28.Old School GoGo366
29.Mystery Ad364
30.Mystery Ad361
31.Mystery Ad347
32.Forever Young345
33.U Cash Mall340
34.Mystery Ad339
35.K Resume328
36.Mystery Ad326
37.Mystery Ad326
38.Mystery Ad324
39.Mystery Ad319
40.Mystery Ad317
41.YouTube - Old School GoGo!316
42.Mystery Ad311
43.Mystery Ad310
44.Mystery Ad309
45.Mystery Ad308
46.Mystery Ad308
47.Mystery Ad306
48.OldSchoolGoGo FaceBook304
49.Mystery Ad302
50.Mystery Ad300
51.Mystery Ad300
52.Mystery Ad298
53.Mystery Ad295
54.Mystery Ad295
56.Mystery Ad284
57.Mystery Ad279
58.Ucono Discount Travel270
59.Ucono Discount Travel267
60.Get Free TV In Your Home!266
61.Ucono Discount Travel261
62.Your Magnificent & Magical Brain!255
63.Your Magnificent & Magical Brain!251
64.Back To School Boogie251
65.Ucono Discount Travel250
66.Your Magnificent & Magical Brain!247
67.Your Magnificent & Magical Brain!244
68.Mystery Ad243
69.Mystery Ad238
70.Mystery Ad234
71.Mystery Ad234
72.Mystery Ad232
73.Mystery Ad231
74.Mystery Ad231
75.Mystery Ad228
76.Mystery Ad226
77.Mystery Ad226
78.Mystery Ad226
79.Mystery Ad224
80.Mystery Ad224
81.Mystery Ad224
82.Mystery Ad222
83.Mystery Ad221
84.Mystery Ad221
85.Mystery Ad221
86.Mystery Ad219
87.Mystery Ad218
88.Mystery Ad218
89.Mystery Ad218
90.Mystery Ad216
91.Mystery Ad215
92.Mystery Ad214
93.Mystery Ad214
94.Mystery Ad214
95.Mystery Ad213
96.Mystery Ad213
97.Mystery Ad213
98.Mystery Ad213
99.Mystery Ad212
100.Mystery Ad212
101.Mystery Ad212
102.Mystery Ad211
103.Mystery Ad211
104.Mystery Ad211
105.Mystery Ad210
106.Mystery Ad210
107.Mystery Ad206
108.Mystery Ad206
109.Mystery Ad206
110.Mystery Ad205
111.Mystery Ad205
112.Mystery Ad204
113.Mystery Ad204
114.Mystery Ad204
115.Mystery Ad204
116.Mystery Ad201
117.Mystery Ad200
118.Mystery Ad200
119.Mystery Ad200
120.Mystery Ad199
121.Mystery Ad199
122.Mystery Ad196
123.Mystery Ad196
124.Mystery Ad195
125.Mystery Ad194
126.Mystery Ad194
127.Mystery Ad193
128.Mystery Ad191
129.Mystery Ad190
130.Mystery Ad188
131.Mystery Ad187
132.Mystery Ad187
133.Mystery Ad186
134.Mystery Ad186
135.Mystery Ad181
136.MC Sounds Recording Studio152
137.GoGo Poster Tee137
138.Find A Job Or Resume Today!132
139.Credit Snag107
140.Credit Snag105
141.Free Unlimited Classifieds78
142.Is Your Credit In A Snag?52
143.Awaken The Genius Asleep Within You!5
144.Awaken The Genius Asleep Within You!4
145.Celebrate Love With BrookieGirl...3
146.GoGo Posters2
147.GoGo Posters2


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